No one can really deny that teak wood is the best kind of natural furniture material for outdoor placement. It has unmatched durability due to its high content of natural oil. Nonetheless, this material is considered to be not too sustainable because it takes years for teak to be harvested then processed into teak garden furniture. Weirdly, the number of teak furniture offered in the market seems to be quite abundant. How can a buyer distinguish good teak product from the one that has questionable qualities? This article will make detailed explanation about it.

How to Distinguish Good Quality Teak Indonesia Furniture?

There are several telltale signs of questionable product that buyer must be aware of prior to buying Indonesia furniture that is made of teak material.

  1. False Marketing

There are many people who fall into victims of false teak marketing.  The false marketing includes saying “teak oiled tree”. People who are not aware about teak oil will not think twice about buying such product. If you buy this product, you will be highly disappointed since most likely it is not teak garden furniture. Instead, it will be cheaper and lesser quality product. Some advertisers will also talk about “better quality than teak wood”. It means that the wood sold is not teak at all.

  1. Improper Drying

Before the tree logs are turned into furniture by manufacturer, they need to be dried first. The drying process of teak wood has the objective to bring out the tree’s natural oil. Unfortunately, kiln drying takes considerable amount of time. As a result, manufacturer will try to speed up the process or even start building using improperly dried wood. Teak that is not dried properly has extremely high risk to split and crack in multiple places.

  1. Trusted Manufacturer

There are many furniture manufacturers that offer teak wood outdoor furniture. However, buyer cannot simply trust all of them. It is not rare to find scamming attempts in the market. It will be able if buyer obtains teak furniture from manufacturer referred by their acquaintances. That will significantly reduce the risk of scamming. If not, buyer should research the market to find trusted manufacturer with great reputation.

  1. Teak Wood Grade

Not all teak wood will possess similar qualities. It all depends on where the tree logs are obtained. There are three main grades of teak wood: Grade C, Grade B, and Grade A. The best grade among those tree is Grade A wood. This wood grade possesses all good qualities that are owned by teak wood. Without doubt, Indonesia Jepara furniture made of Grade A teak will be significantly more expensive. You should consider your budget when purchasing the furniture.

  1. Finishing

The last method to distinguish good quality wood from the bad one is its finishing. Experienced furniture manufacturers will know not to apply elaborate finishing to teak wood furniture. This wood material will benefit a lot from simple varnish. Such finishing will allow the wood quality to shine. It is due to the high natural oil content in the wood. Elaborate finishing touch will not be able to stay for long.

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